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The Marquee Finance Group is truly an International family.

Our contractors come to work in the UK from all over the globe, adding expert skills and specialisms to the UK economy. From Australia to New Zealand, USA to Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa and South Africa  - this list goes on.

Most of our contractors at some point will need to send money to or from their home, into or out of the UK.

You might need to send money to a family member, or pay a regular bill in your home country. Perhaps you are sending money as a gift?

Why not get a free quote via The Marquee Finance Group from our business partner, Money Corp - for all your Foreign Exchange (FX) needs?

Sending money to home via your high-street bank, or via a high-street chain can sometimes end up being costly. Get a free quote today and see if you save!

Remember you must quote The Marquee Finance Group when placing a quote or request, in order to receive a preferential rate.

If you need to send or remove large amounts of money from the UK, please call us directly:

All foreign exchange available via this site is provided by TTT Moneycorp Limited (registered in England under number 738837). TTT Moneycorp Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services. Marquee Umbrella Limited part of The Marquee Finance Group does not give advice on foreign exchange. For more information, please contact our Customer Services team.

I strongly recommend Marquee because the company has supported me through my career as an agency worker. They are vibrant and positive people that work very hard to support all their employees.


“As a Recruitment Director, I have worked with the Team at Marquee for over 5 years now. I have always been impressed with their high level of Customer Services and their ability to rectify any payroll issues (from mine or the workers side) instantly. They never quibble over funds and never let a worker go unpaid. If you are thinking of using any Umbrella company, I strongly recommend Marquee for consistently good customer service.”

Louise, Education Recruitment Director, Somerset

Marquee is great because I can run the Supply Teachers payroll via them every week in a quick and hassle free way.

This is now the 3rd Umbrella company I have used , and I cant imagine us reconsidering our PSL again any time soon.

The Teachers get paid every week, and my time spent on the administration of payroll has been halved.

It is also really helpful that the teachers can access their accounts online or via their phone, because of this I find the number of queries I have to answer is much less then compared with my previous Umbrella supplier

Ryan, Director of an Education Recruitment Agency, London

The text message service is really good. I know how much I am getting and when.

William, Graduate, Bromley

I like Marquee because the staff are all so friendly and are always happy to answer my many questions!

I can't stand call centres, so it really helps having a UK based team and getting through to a human every time.

I also use Marquee's foreign exchange service to send money overseas, and it is really useful to do this all via the one place.

Claire, Support Worker, Croydon

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